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Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a product or service from Thought into Action Ltd, I want you to be completely satisfied. However, I recognise that sometimes customers are disappointed and I want to rectify the problem if I can, and as soon as reasonably practicable. Please contact me at karenhands@thoughtintoaction.com if this applies to you.

Some exclusions apply. Digital content such as e-books and webinars cannot be refunded where there is nothing tangible to return and the product has already been accessed or downloaded.

When you purchase training and coaching, whether face-to-face or online, you have the right to change your mind before the activity commences:

In the event of your cancellation, I will make every effort to rearrange dates or offer you an alternative programme within six months of your original booking, but you must understand that this cannot be guaranteed. You may have to travel to a different location to take advantage of alternative arrangements and this will be at your expense.

If you have booked a group training programme and when bookings close, there are insufficient numbers to run the group, I will offer you alternatives including a full refund.

Confidentiality and data protection

Thought into Action trainers, coaches and associates are required to maintain confidentiality with respect to information they receive from clients in the course of our work. Additional specific confidentiality/secrecy conditions will be implemented if requested by you.

Your personal details are precious to you and I treat them with respect. As a client, your details will be stored as securely as is reasonably practicable for the purpose of future communications unless you specify otherwise. You can opt out of emails at any time.

You have the right to request to see any records held about you. Please contact karenhands@thoughtintoaction.com to arrange for this information to be made available to you.

Training Materials & Designs

Training and coaching materials and designs, webinar and e-book content are the property of Thought Into Action Ltd and may not be used or copied without my written permission.


Providing a high standard of customer service is important to me. The coaching relationship works when it is bound by integrity and mutual respect. If you have a complaint, please email Karen Hands, Director & Principal Consultant, at karenhands@thoughtintoaction.com giving full details of the incident.


The total liability shall be limited to the value of the contract between us. Thought into Action Ltd carries Public Liability insurance of £1M and Professional Indemnity insurance of £0.5M.

The contract is between the client company or individual and Thought Into Action Ltd and is subject to the Law of England and Wales.

Karen Hands - Director & Principal Consultant, Thought into Action Ltd

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