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The PHENOMENAL WOMAN SPEAKING CLUB gives women the skills and confidence to speak in public, training in a small-group setting where it’s safe to try things out before doing it for real back at work.

The all-women environment of the PHENOMENAL WOMAN SPEAKING CLUB is empowering. You find you’re not alone in struggling to make the impact you need, to have the influence you want, to fulfil your ambitions.

There are never more than six participants in each training programme and these women will become close allies, loyal supporters and even friends. In a world where women’s voices are still heard infrequently and where women’s perspectives are still rarely at the heart of the decision-making process, the PHENOMENAL WOMAN SPEAKING CLUB can be the start of something new. It’s a haven where women can express their talents which, once unleashed, can be used at will.

Women come to the PHENOMENAL WOMAN SPEAKING CLUB at different stages in their career and from across the spectrum of employees, professionals and entrepreneurs. What brings them together is a desire to be recognised for what they do and who they are. Some go on to achieve promotion, others find a new job where their skills are valued. One of my trainees rehearsed in our small group and then walked out on to a stage in front of 700 people. Another pitched her business idea to 400 investors. One woman decided that, for the first time, she’d stand up and talk about her group’s activities to colleagues. They’re all PHENOMENAL WOMEN!  


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2017 Training Programmes

Join the PHENOMENAL WOMAN SPEAKING CLUB where you are - or please contact me if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for. I also offer personal coaching and training in different formats including in-house workshops for groups of up to six people.

Each training programme comprises four sessions where you will learn how to:

The dates of each session can be negotiated as I form the group but if, for any reason, you find you can’t attend one of the sessions then I’ll catch you up with a 1:1 on Skype or in person, depending on logistics.


Held at the Inn at the Station, Clitheroe BB7 2EU, 6:30 - 8:30 pm on

21 Aug, 4 Sep, 18 Sep and 2 Oct.


Held at Innovation Warehouse, Faringdon EC1A 9PT, 5 - 7 pm on

20 Sep, 4 Oct, 18 Oct and 1 Nov.


Held at Banyan, Exchange Square M4 3TR, 5 - 7 pm on

15 Nov, 22 Nov, 29 Nov and 6 Dec.

Women who work in the professions approach me directly for help and often fund themselves on my training programmes or opt for one-to-one sessions.

That’s because it can be really hard for them to raise the issue at work - and I understand that it’s also a really tricky subject for firms with no female partners.

If you’re concerned that your firm is losing out on the benefits of female talent, please contact me in the confidence of utmost discretion.

“What has always struck me about Karen is her clear understanding of the challenges women face in the Corporate environment - and specifically her experience working in the engineering sector - which, much like banking, is very male dominated and struggles to produce an environment that encourages and nurtures female talent.” EJ