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For women in business:

Transform your prospects by saying what you mean to say, whether you’re sitting round the board table, facing a panel at interview, networking with clients or chatting by the water cooler in the office. Articulate your message and inspire your audience to take action!

“The best thing you will ever do if you want to present or speak in public - hugely beneficial.” AM

Many of my clients will tell you, it’s not just about speaking skills: you’ll work out what it is that you stand for.

And when you’ve got something to say, you’ll find your voice!

About me…

I’m Karen Hands, Director & Principal Consultant, and I began my career as an engineer in the chemical industry.

As a woman in a man’s world, this formative experience underpins my mission to help people - and especially women - to find their voice at and through their work.

Please get in touch if you’re looking for a speaker or panellist for your conference or event. I speak in public and can also connect you to my ever-growing network of women speakers who have trained with me.

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2018 open courses

The Speaking Club is a four-session training programme where small groups of women learn to speak with purpose, passion and poise.

Find out more at an introductory session or book the location that’s best for you:

In-house training can be provided for both men and women: there’s nothing gendered in what I teach. However, the format of women-only training has been hugely successful since launching in 2011.

Phenomenal Woman

“I first met Karen when she was speaking at a local Women in Business event. A lot of what she talked about resonated with issues that I had at work and I found myself wanting to know more.

During Karen’s coaching sessions, she asked me to reflect on my career goals and showed me a number of practical tools to help me achieve them. Six months on, I am a more confident person and have re-positioned myself within the organisation as a key decision-maker who is able to articulate my opinions to fellow Directors and the wider business community.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that following my coaching sessions with Karen, our company turnover and profits have grown considerably in relation to the previous year.” SW

For organisations seeking to address THE GENDER AGENDA:

We’ve all heard talk about the value in having a diverse team, but turning what you’ve got now into a high-functioning, mixed-gender engine for business growth is the piece that invariably gets left out of the conversation - until now.

Contact me to discuss your personal and business needs in confidence. You’ll find additional resources here.

I’m also the author of a self-published book on the art and science of effective networking:

“I bought this to improve my elevator pitch. It has helped me with so much more. I now look forward to networking opportunities. I've made lots of useful contacts and made money from network referrals. The book has more than paid for itself!”

Highly recommended by c l kirkwood on Amazon

Click here for details and to download the e-book.

Kindle edition ISBN 978-0-9927646-2-3

Speaking out about what you believe demands courage as well as skill. It carries the weight of responsibility. What I teach has nothing to do with fancy sound-bites or empty rhetoric; it’s about opening a dialogue with men and women which will lead to action and change.

Create the environment for change

Set the right example at company meetings and showpiece events by avoiding the ‘token woman’ effect.

If you can only muster one woman on the panel, one woman to speak at your conference or one woman on the board, you put unfair pressure on us all. One woman alone can’t change the world, no matter how talented. And just like men, women represent a wide range of opinions, so please don’t assume that there’s such a thing as ‘the woman’s viewpoint’. We each make up our own mind. Ask us!

Please contact me as a starting point to introduce variety to your line-up if all you’ve got so far is the usual spectrum of grey suits.

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